A Republican state senator in Georgia who pushed to investigate and potentially impeach Fani T. Willis, the Atlanta-based district attorney who is prosecuting former President Donald J. Trump for election subversion, was suspended indefinitely on Thursday by his G.O.P. caucus.

The Georgia Senate Republicans said in a statement that they had taken disciplinary action against Senator Colton Moore, a Trump loyalist from the northwestern part of the state, citing what they described as his incendiary rhetoric toward members of his own party.

“During his advocacy for his ill-conceived proposal, Senator Moore has knowingly misled people across Georgia and our nation, causing unnecessary tension and hostility, while putting his caucus colleagues and their families at risk of personal harm,” the statement from the caucus said.

He will continue to represent his district, but will have diminished clout in the G.O.P.-controlled Senate.

Two of Mr. Moore’s Republican colleagues recently said that they had been target of threats because they had refused to support his plan.

Mr. Moore’s pressure campaign was evident in a number of recent posts on X, the platform formerly known on Twitter. “I pray that Republicans in Georgia will step up,” he wrote in a post earlier this week. “Stop blocking my effort for an emergency session to DEFUND Fani Willis.”

The caucus described Mr. Moore’s proposal for a special legislative session to remove Ms. Willis as Fulton County district attorney or defund her office as “impossible,” a position it said was shared by Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, and all of the state’s senators except Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore, 29, who is in his first term in the state senate and previously served one term in the Statehouse, condemned his suspension.

“The Georgia RINOs responded to my call to fight back against the Trump witch hunts by acting like children and throwing me out of the caucus,” he wrote on Thursday on X. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

His suspension illustrates another rift between establishment Republicans and the party’s election-denying wing in the battleground state.

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